About the Artist


Artist’s Statement

My Grandma Rose used to say "everything come from the earth.” I used to attempt to outsmart her by trying to come up with ideas of things for which her beloved phrase might not be true. "What about glue?" I once said.

"Glue comes from the bones of cows (I was horrified), cows eat grass, grass comes from the earth," Grandma would reply. She could apply this logic to any material known to mankind. Regardless of the veracity of her statement, I have embraced this concept in my work. By using clay, which is undoubtedly from the earth, I construct figures, faces, and imagery relating to both organic forms of nature and the geometry of humankind. Clay is such a malleable medium. You can alter it as you go. It is forgiving, it can be built upon, you can use its dust and pieces as tools in the process. Often times, my pieces are undergoing their own transformations and other times they are simply representing a moment in time.


BORN May 29, 1973 St. Paul, Minnesota

EDUCATION University of Wisconsin-Madison, BSA 1995


2017, D Squared Studios, Lodi, WI
2007, 2008, 2010 Madison Area Open Artists Studios Participant. Madison, WI
1996 La Provencale Cafe. Madison, WI


2018 “The Sixties Revisited” at Overture Center for the Arts
2011 Showing works at Hatch Art House
2010 "Adornment" at Winnebago Studios
2009 Gallery Night at Winnebago Studios
2008 Madison Area Open Artists Studios Participant. Madison, WI
2008 MAOAS, Overture Center for the Arts. Madison, WI
2007 MAOAS, Overture Center for the Arts. Madison, WI
2007 “Continuing” Commonwealth Gallery. Madison, WI
2005 Fort Mason Figurative Artshow . San Francisco, CA
2000 – 2002 Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts. San Francisco, CA
2000 City Art. San Francisco, CA
1999 Whole Gallery. San Francisco, CA
1998 “Honoring the Feminine” Center for Visual Art. Oakland, CA

More About the Artist

I consider myself a “Jill of all trades” and enjoy experimenting with different artistic themes and techniques. Additionally, I am passionate about social justice and have worked in various nonprofits agencies since 1996. At the age of 25, with another woman, I cofounded Oasis For Girls (www.sfoasis.org) a young women’s agency focusing on leadership, technology, arts, and education in San Francisco. Currently I work as a Development Director in Madison, WI. My two children continue to inspire me, as does my talented husband, Jacob A Pfeiffer (www.jacobapfeiffer.com) who does meticulous, realist oil paintings.

In 2008, I wrote a children’s book called, “Think Outside the Can,” which teaches kids about the recycling process. Instead of illustrations, I used molding clay to create the characters and photograph them in different scenarios. The book can be purchased online at Amazon, Borders, and through Trafford Publishing.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my work.